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The summer solstice is the time in the physical world of greatest light.  The winter solstice is the time of the greatest darkness, if you will.  The equinoxes are equal day and equal night in the fall and spring.  But while this is occurring in a physical sense, in the physical universe, in the inner universe, meaning in other dimensional planes, something else is happening at that same time also.  The manifestation may be more sunlight or less sunlight or half and half in the physical world, but in the subtle planes there are doorways and powers that open and come into view.  And if we can hook ourselves onto those powers, they can carry us a long way.

Occultists are intrinsically lazy like everyone else.  We would much rather hitch a ride than walk - unless we just are in the mood to walk.  The way we accomplish things is by hooking ourselves to powers, to forces, to energies.  And we focus on these energies, we blend our aura, we extend our luminous selves psychically into those forces and powers and we hitch a ride.

It's a time when it's easier to change, to erase personal history, to do what I call a "transit".  It's an astrological term, to go through a transit - that is to say, to shift yourself, to adjust the foreground and the background of your mind, to take aspects of yourself that you don't find interesting, that drain your power, that are just a pain or that are boring and put them in the background, and to bring other things into the foreground.

- "Solstices and Equinoxes", Tantric Buddhism

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That is to say...

Life is very, very complex. It is made up of thousands of dimensions of wonder.