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Being responsible
Yoga means we accept responsibility for the tasks in our life, and we know that being a king, being an enlightened teacher, being someone who sweeps the streets, we know that nothing is greater yoga than anything else.  Whatever we are supposed to have karmically, life gives us.
The question is, how do we handle it?  It is in the handling of whatever our tasks are that we achieve greatness inwardly, that we achieve power.  You don't need a special task.  Every task is special.  We always want something glossy.  We expect that it has to be different, but what can be different?  There only is what there is in the physical.  So it really doesn't matter what the job is, it really doesn't matter which house it is, karma will bring us to whatever one is right at whatever moment we are in.  The issue is, how do we handle it?
 - "The Bhagavad Gita", Tantric Buddhism.


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That is to say...

The universe is perfection. But there are different views that the universe provides for itself, to view itself. Beyond all views there is nirvana.