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Recollecting peak experiences

The doorway is invisible.You're walking through the world and suddenly you walk through an invisible doorway. You have this marvelous experience. You become god, perfection. Then suddenly you slip back through again. But the doorway is invisible and you can't find it, although you may look everywhere. But remember, the doorway is everywhere.  

So, recollection is something that we use to help us back to that moment, that doorway. And the way we do it is by imprinting it on our conscious awareness.  It's kind of like learning brail. We're blind and so we have to learn, we have to touch and feel something new. And we have to do it repeatedly in order to learn. Once is not enough. So what occurs is we imprint ourselves. We have a spiritual experience, then we write it down. And in the writing of the experience, we imprint it. We go back over it again. We bring our field of awareness and we direct it, again, to that doorway, and our awareness again becomes familiar with it. And even in writing it, you will to some extent, go back through that doorway. In re-reading that experience, perhaps a month later or six months later, reviewing your journey, your spiritual sadhana, you'll feel that doorway again.

- "Consciousness Expansion & Desire", Live in L.A.
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That is to say...

Just as when water is frozen into a form as ice and then melts, so at the time of death, there is no death. The spirit simply changes form.