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  • Meditation  ( 7 items )

    All of the real important answers to life's questions lie within your own mind.

  • Buddhism  ( 15 items )
    We seek absolute neutrality in Buddhism. Complete neutrality. We don't want to be drawn to anything in particular; we don't want to be pushed away from anything in particular.
  • The Nature of Existence  ( 16 items )
    The immortal silence is there - always waiting for you.  The spirit is deathless and courageous; you need only avail yourself.
  • Enlightenment  ( 3 items )
  • Purity and Humility  ( 3 items )

    What you focus on you become! Select an excerpt about purity and humility.

  • Selfless Giving  ( 1 items )
    ..."Teach me to how to give and love selflessly, at all times."  When you have this attitude... your yoga of selfless giving is not confined to just several hours a week...  Rather, your selfless giving involves everything and everyone in your life.
  • Living and Working in the World  ( 7 items )
    In advanced spiritual practice, it is no longer necessary to run away from society or the world. As a matter of fact, it's detrimental because one wants to be neither attracted nor repulsed.
  • Enlightenment of Women  ( 1 items )
    ...Each woman has to feel that she represents all women, and that the way she conducts her life and whether or not she takes an active interest in her own liberation will affect all other women.
  • The Caretaker Personality  ( 6 items )
    ...the personality is not really your real self, but just like your clothing, a transitory experience.
  • Personal Happiness  ( 2 items )
    Why don't you stop wasting your time and start having more fun with the moments of your life, right now?
  • Solstices and Equinoxes  ( 3 items )
    The power of the coming solstice or equinox, if you're aware of it, will enable you to accomplish more...
  • Balance  ( 4 items )
    Spiritual balance is not something that is really achieved through self-effort. Spiritual balance occurs largely through being yourself.
  • Karma and Dharma  ( 4 items )
    "Your awareness, which is your karma, is what hooks you to things," Master Fwap explained.
  • Energy and Personal Power  ( 10 items )
    At every moment you are getting stronger or you are growing weaker. At every moment your attention field is increasing or it is decreasing.
  • Magic  ( 1 items )
  • Tantra  ( 2 items )
    Since everything is god and everything contains god, you see god in everything. Everything is a step towards liberation.
  • Search on a topic  ( 12 items )

    Select a topic for insight and inspiration!

  • Psychic Development  ( 4 items )