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Challenges of living
How do you deal with a boss who tells you to produce more and more and to use pressure techniques to sell, when you're interested in God and liberation? Where is that beautiful pine forest grove for meditation as you're sitting on the 405 Freeway at 5:00 o'clock, and the traffic is definitely not moving? What do you do with the violence, when someone pulls a gun on you inthe street, when someone breaks into your home and rips everything off?  How do you deal with the incongruities of existence, of a world of people who are cruel to each other, sometimes without even realizing that they're cruel? How do you deal with it?
Very, very skillfully.  Living and working in the world.
It is necessary to be part of an organic fellowship. This is the advice of the I Ching, that ancient, venerable Chinese book of wisdom to which I subscribe so heavily. The I Ching counsels us -- the sages who wrote the I Ching a long, long time ago -- that the wisdom of the self-taught is heavy and ponderous. While you may make a certain amount of spiritual progress on your own, it's lacking in something. It's heavy, it's ponderous.
Something occurs in learning with others that's marvelous. The edges of our egotism are slowly worn down. 
- "Living and Working in the World", The Lakshmi Series 
Risk and your life will get brighter!
Your life is either getting brighter from moment to moment or it's not.  If it's not getting brighter, it's because there's no risk.  There's no risk in sitting thinking instead of stopping your thought.  There's a lot of risk in stopping your thought.  You might experience ecstasy.  You might enter new dimensions.  You might see yourself or reality differently.  There's no risk is doing a lousy meditation or not meditating at all.  There's no risk in being convenient and comfortable.  There's a lot of risk in the world of enlightenment.  There's the risk of perpetual freedom.

- "The Natural State", Tantric Buddhism
We are beauty
We are beautiful. We are beauty itself. We are visions of light, snapshots of eternity. Yet so few people in any given lifetime, climb to the highest heights, experience the totality.
- "Kundalini Yoga, Haleakala, Maui", On the Road With Rama
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