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Correct the discrepancy

Until you correct the discrepancy between your mind's intent and your soul's proclivity for light, you will never be at peace with yourself.

Are you ready, yet??
It all starts with meditation.  It is simply a matter of finally
getting totally disgusted with being ourselves and really wanting to
change.  When we have gone up against the wall of our selves enough
that we become tired of it - we will start looking for emptiness.
Emptiness is found in meditation.
You're going to become funny!

Self-discovery is not as some would have us think - this heavy, awesome, moral process where everyone sits around and frowns.  As you progress towards enlightenment, and of course after enlightenment, you become funny.  Serious of course, but being serious, one can still be humorous and light because you're living in a state of infinite awareness with infinite possibilities all the time. 

Nirvana, in other words, I'm suggesting, is very funny.  It's not sincere, particularly.  It's rather frivolous, actually.  Well, why not?  Why should it be the way you want it to be - unhappy, miserable and cold, or trapped in etheric colors and robes?  Why?  It's beyond anything.  But the realization, what I'm suggesting about humor here is, that if you were to sit down and be absorbed in nirvana - poof, gone! - and experience the limitless ecstasy of existence - this is just a silly way of talking because there's no way to describe it.  As soon as you get into this, you get into persona and duality and all this nonsense and then find yourself back here again; that's pretty funny!

And having to worry about the heat guy coming out or the electricity goes off - after you've just been infinite, endless reality and you find yourself here.  And true, I mean it's not exactly the same; everything moves and changes and there's nothing stable, particularly yourself, but there is some sense of duality since that's not contrary to nirvana, that's just another idea. - These are the secret teachings.  Now you understand why they kept them secret.  No one would take them seriously.  (Laughter)

In other words, the secret teachings suggest that everything they tell you on the way up is not untrue, but it's not necessarily so.  All the things that the spiritual teacher taught you to get to the top were good for you to hear at the time, but once you get up a ways it all changes.  The rules -- there are no rules anymore.  Anything is possible and usually occurs because you go beyond mind and form, and mind and form dictate rules and regulations and commandments and do's and don'ts.

Insights: Talks on the Nature of Existence: Tibetan Yoga and the Secret Doctrine

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That is to say...

Look for the things in your life that bring you stillness and happiness, not the things that make you crazy.