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The world shines brightly

The perfect view of existence comes from an unclouded, uncluttered life and mind, whereby the radiance of perfect attention of the mind of the universe floods us at every moment. This is Buddhism. This is being on the path. Meditating with clarity so that at the end of one's meditation the world shines brightly. That means you've meditated. If the world does not shine brightly, even just the physical, sensual perception after meditation, you have not meditated. You have sat and thought of things that were not real. So we have to push ourselves to stillness, to the natural state.

- "The Natural State", Tantric Buddhism

Innocence & the Natural State

Eventually the natural state becomes so natural that it really doesn't require effort. We abide in it perpetually. But it's only by modifying the mind and one's perception of life continually for a number of years that that occurs, with a grand sense of brightness, seeing and innocence that escapes humanity. We are continually seeking our own innocence. We want to recapture it for eternity. It's in there, but we lose touch with it.

We have to continue to see our own innocence in a world that doesn't care for innocence, which doesn't even acknowledge the divinity of existence. In a world of beings gone mad with their societies and their structures and their technologies, but who are completely oblivious to the religious experience of every given moment.

- "The Natural State", Tantric Buddhism  

Who is that Experiencer?
A spiritual experience is not something that you have. It's something that you are. We're always trying to get to something, to get to the experience, to have the flash. But it's here, now. It's quiet. The most profound experience is quiet and fulfilling, drenching you with its life, with the knowledge and awareness of countless eons. Timelessness, all present in this moment. All futures forwarded to this address. An endless parade, a panorama, of all that will ever be and never be, contained within your perception, standing behind your eyes, watching through them.
Who is watching through them? Who is watching through your eyes? Who is that, the perceiver? Not she who feels or thinks, not she who believes or wants or loves or hates. Who is she? Who is the one? The one who has always been this moment.
- "Spiritual Experiences, Dreams and Visions", The Lakshmi Series 
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