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Overcome fate

By loving, being positive, smiling and believing
On a second-by-second basis, no matter what is
Happening externally or internally to you,
You become superior to fate.

- Insights


Meditate on love.  Then bring that love into whatever practice appeals to you - into Zen, jnana yoga, mysticism, selfless giving - it doesn't matter, it's all the same family.   But bring love into your actions.  If you want me to be able to help you at all, you have to love me as I love you.  The more you love me, the more this consciousness is with you.  It's not my consciousness, it comes through me.  It's Eternity.  I have no consciousness anymore.  I am Eternity.  The sooner you recognize that, the sooner you'll gain more of what's here for you.  I am powerless to aid you unless you love.  And that's the truth.

So now you have an inside secret that can save you 20 or 30 lifetimes.  You are studying love.  You are on the path of love with an embodiment of love.  It is where you are supposed to be at this time.  If, sometime, you feel that this is not the teacher, this is not the study, love is not the way, then find another way.  I'll love you anyway.

- "Love - The Fourth Level of Ecstasy", Insights: Talks on the Nature of Existence

What really matters?

So in spiritual development, many people, after being inculcated in the world for a long period of time, have just gotten so locked up in worldly values and ideas that they really believe that what matters is owning a bigger car or having a happy family.  They really think that their mortgage payments are important.  They believe in a better facial tissue and that the right toothpaste can make your life perfect - the consumer mentality.  For these persons, it's a good idea to step back from the world for a while because they've forgotten that they're in the middle of eternity and that God is the source of all.  And that while all things are good, one should not become so entangled in the world that you don't see the world - not seeing the forest for the trees, in other words.

If you've gotten so wrapped up in your relationships with other human beings, in your career, in your thoughts about yourself and your own introspection, if you're too wrapped up in your own spiritual development and how well you're doing or how poorly you're doing, and your self-image and what others think of you, then you've lost it.

- "Living and Working in the World", The Lakshmi Series

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That is to say...

Never think too much of yourself. Realize you are only an instrument of eternity.